Ovation Adamas 1597

CHF 1'890.00

Lovies Guitar’s has, up for grabs, an Ovation Adamas 1597 Acoustic Guitar in a Graphite Ruby Red Finish! The word “Adamas” is Latin for “a diamond in its native form.” Built to the most discerning specifications, crafted from the finest materials, the Adamas line stays true to the namesake. It’s an infallible creative force, a line of modern marvels with timeless accoutrements, the paragon of our vision and innovation. Like the precious gem for which it is named, the Adamas shines in any form—as a minimalistic canvas or as an ornate onstage centerpiece. This is the end product of years of technological advancement—a guitar steeped in decades of tradition and built to stand out! This instrument is in Great Shape with only a couple finish marks on the headstock and top. ALL Original-NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs, Includes Original Hard-Shell Case!


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